The total insured damage to homes and cars during the turn of the year is about 6 million euros. The total insured damage is 8 million less than last year. During the turn of the year from 2019 to 2020, some 14 million euros had to be paid out. So this year that is 60% lower.

Due to the lockdown announced on December 14, 2020, it was prohibited to have more than 2 people visiting. It was also forbidden to have more than 2 people (excluding family members) on the streets. Despite a fireworks ban and the current corona situation, there was damage just like every other turn of the year if you want to know more about this read on this site.

The Corona Situation and Insurance

Because of the corona virus, the workload in hospitals and among emergency workers is higher than ever. Hospitals are full of corona patients and there is pressure on hospital staff. In response, the cabinet decided that no fireworks could be sold and set off during the turn of the year 2020-2021. The exception was F1 fireworks, such as pull ropes, sparklers and popping peas. Also, you were not allowed to take more than 2 people (excluding family members) into the streets this New Year’s Eve. You’d say that a lot of fireworks damage is out of the question, right?

Insured Damage

Fireworks damage remains a major problem every New Year’s Eve. Despite the fireworks ban and the current situation, there is also damage this year. Think of the people who like to explode manholes, trash cans and bus shelters. Often there are also people who set off heavy fireworks near cars after which the cars are damaged. Of the 6 million euros of insured damage to homes and cars, 1.5 million euros is claimed under the so known goedkope motorverzekering in Holland.

The other millions come from home contents and building insurance policies. In other words, New Year always remains a busy period for insurers and intermediaries. Often, fireworks cause damage similar to a fire damage. If fireworks lead to fire damage, and there is no intent, the damage is often compensated.

Self-inflicted Damage

If you have caused damage to a car, home or anything else, it can be recovered from your liability insurance. At you can buy car insurance, home contents insurance, liability insurance and many other insurance policies at low cost. Curious? Take a look at our website!

What to Do in Case of Fireworks Damage?

Do you have firework damage? When you find out, it is useful to report the damage as soon as possible to your insurer or insurance adviser. Your building insurance covers damage to your home, your car insurance covers damage to your car and your home contents insurance covers damage to your belongings. Wondering if you are cheap with your insurances? Use the comparator on and find out if you can save money.